30 years of imagination.
20 years editing video.
10 years serving clients like you.
a curious child

In all of the home videos from my childhood, you could expect to see me jumping in front of the camera and going into performance mode. I would do silly dances, dress up in goofy costumes, and put on a show. Something about the wonder of capturing a slice of life on camera intrigued me. I was immediately hooked.
At around 10 years old, I was drawn to the magic happening behind the camera. Filming my own skits and scenes with my parents' camcorder, I quickly taught myself how to capture video and make cuts and transitions using a basic non-linear editing program on the iMac G3 we kept in the back room. A lifelong passion for visual storytelling was born.
out of the nest
Going into my college years, I knew that I wanted to turn
my passion for video editing and filmmaking into a fulfilling
career. I seized every opportunity to gain hands-on experience,
and collaborated with peers to create all kinds of content
ranging from short films to documentaries to promotional
pieces and beyond. 
After spending my final semester of college in Los Angeles where I collaborated on more student films, learned more about story structure, and interned with a renowned film production company (Beacon Pictures), I married my best friend and we started a life together in the City of Angels.

Since then, I've been hard at work sharpening the skills and talents
that have made me the storyteller I am today. 

I have worn the hats of creative director, interviewer, videographer, editor, sound designer,
graphic designer, voiceover artist, on-camera host, and more. 

I have built a vast and diverse portfolio that includes documentaries, short films,
trailers, promos, podcasts, ads, educational, music videos, event recaps, and more.

Today, I choose to specialize primarily in editing
documentary-style pieces that focus on
real and meaningful human stories.

Click here to review my selected documentary works.
I look forward to hearing about your next project.
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